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A lighting control system from Barney Miller’s is an investment in relaxation, ease and safety.

A Barney Miller’s lighting control system eliminates wall clutter, compliments the design, and offers unprecedented control of every light – both inside and out – of your home.

A lighting control system is the ultimate combination of convenience, safety, and efficiency. Barney Miller’s lighting control systems can set the mood of any room, giving you and your family the warmth and relaxation you want when you come home from work, school, and other stresses of the outside world.

We create lighting scenes that highlight your home’s architectural features and artwork. A Barney Miller’s lighting control system will also incorporate shade control to use natural light to accentuate your home.

Control lighting scenes throughout your home from a central keypad, touch panel or your smartphone. No more running through the house flipping switches – automatically activate preset scenes based on astronomical time-clock settings or from a remote location. Even control the lights of your home from inside your car so you never have to enter a dark home again!