Customer Testimonials.

Nights and Weekends

Thanks so much.

Thank you Barney for all you do for us - and - thanks to Chris Holmes and the advanced Tech Team!

- Howard S., Lexington, KY

Nights and Weekends


Mike, I love my new stereo system!  Thanks so much for all your help.  And the guys who installed it were terrific! 

- Sydney D., Lexington, KY

Rapid Response


Chris, thank you for your patience in dealing with two old folks that just don't understand technology. Over the years you have always been understanding, patient, and thoughtful. Barney Miller's has existed for years and it's because of employee's like you that give great customer service.

- Nancy & Tony G., Lexington, KY

Rapid Response


Barney Miller always works through our technical issues!
Thank so much!

- Janet L., Anchorage, KY

Nights and Weekends


Chris is terrific — the very best service expert I’ve seen in 50 plus years with Barney Miller

- Raynor M., Lexington, KY

24/7 Access


Thanks for your patience with a non tech person!

- Pamela W., Lexington, KY

Rapid Response


Jim and I appreciate your service so much! When we decide to upgrade, need additional equipment, or want to recommend it to others, you have our vote! We also had no idea you could handle service remotely - we appreciate you!

--Pat H., Lexington, KY

Nights and Weekends


They were proactive with my problem. I mentioned my issue last Friday when I called to update my credit card, and I didn’t have time to fix my issue. They called me back Monday, and the issue was fixed promptly.

- Don W., Lexington, KY

24/7 Access


They identified ALL my issues immediately, figured out the solutions immediately, and then reprogrammed my remote to work WAY better than it did before! The tech was very friendly, personable, and knowledgeable.

- Bob A., Lexington, KY

System Monitoring


The technician was polite and got the job done. He was patient with my questions and comments.

- Robin G., Lexington, KY

Rapid Response


The service tech did a very good job. He was courteous and performed the service quickly and efficiently.

- Marvin K., Lexington, KY

Nights and Weekends


Mark intuitively suggested I reboot the system. I mistakenly thought he meant the Control 4 system, so I rebooted twice, and it didn’t help. He meant the cable box, and when I rebooted it, it worked! He was professional, patient, and kind during our encounter. He didn’t mind I cost him minutes with my error. Bravo!

- Kay A., Lexington, KY

24/7 Access


Nick is very knowledgeable, works quickly and efficiently, and explains in “layman’s” terms what the customer needs to know.

- Lynne W., Lexington, KY

System Monitoring


Jorge is the man! Bottom line! He is on time, communicates well, and knows his technology stack. I would recommend him 100% of the time.

- George I., Lexington, KY

Nights and Weekends

Polite, Patient.

Neal and Nick were extremely knowledgeable and polite. Thank you for sending two terrific men who knew exactly what we needed. They were patient in their explanation of how everything works in our entertainment system.

- Marilyn & Ron S., Lexington, KY


Nights and Weekends

We are pleased with the system we purchased from Barney Millers. Tim Pearse and Chris Holmes provided us with outstanding service. We have a Starlink satellite feed providing us access to the internet, and our sound system's quality is incredible!

- Jim B., White Mills, KY

Nights and Weekends

Good Work.

I love that I don’t have to use three remotes to use my TV! The sound is good! I left it on what it came with, and so far, that works for me. Of course, the picture... WOW!

- Arthur D., Lexington, KY

Nights and Weekends


Oh, it’s incredible! I couldn’t be happier with it. You guys did an incredible job!

- Brandon H., Lexington, KY

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