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Entertainment Furniture & Seating.

Now that you have stunning audio and video, where will you sit and where will equipment be stored? We offer a full array of beautiful furniture including home theater seating or sectionals and designer cabinets to match your space. Our selection of recliners features adjustable power lumbar AND headrests, LED lights, cup holders, and USB charging ports. Additionally, we have a variety of customizable racks for component storage. All are made to suit you and can be designed and delivered in weeks – rather than months!

Media Rooms.

Today’s media rooms are multi-purpose. They serve as great entertainment spaces that enable total enjoyment of music, TV, sports and other entertainment, yet still accommodate everyday living and activities like gaming or playing pool.

  • Considerations include screen size, viewing distance, acoustics, and possibly soundproofing if late night viewing could disturb others
  • All controls can be hidden to maintain the room’s aesthetic
  • Media rooms are more important now than ever with all of the new content and programming currently available

Dedicated Home Theaters.

Dedicated home theaters are designed specifically for immersing you into full effects of movies, sports, TV, and video gaming. We bring all this into one space including all equipment, furniture, optimum screen sizes and acoustics.

  • In a theater room, seating is typically in rows facing the screen, in order for everyone to experience the sound and picture in the same way
  • Subtle lighting can ensure optimum viewing and help maintain picture quality
  • Imagine the convenience of automation – push a button, watch a movie and your lights automatically dim

Screen Size Matters.

Our team is expertly trained by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and THX Ltd. This means you know you get the right size, placement and experience for your entertainment.

  • Don’t guess when it comes to what size screen you’ll want in your room
  • There are common rules of thumb that help calculate the appropriate dimensions between seating and screen placement
  • Bigger isn’t always better, and it’s important to factor in how often the screen will be used and the primary content that will be watched

Finest in Sound Performance.

A movie is only as good as the sound. Incredible sound performance immerses you into the show and takes over your senses.

  • Acoustic treatments or soundproofing can be installed for an experience like you get at the local theater – without impacting the rest of the house!
  • Speakers can be customized by fabric and color to coordinate with any decor
  • Audio can also be installed behind walls, in order to remain invisible

The Right Equipment Makes The Magic Happen.

Large flat screen, video projector, 4K to 8K video and beyond! Today, technology gives you a great picture at a better price. We offer every type of video solution and display, so you have choice. Plus, our expertise ensures you get the finest in sound and video that fits your interests and budget.

Theater Seating.

  • Pieces can be customized by material, colors, manual or electronic reclining, height, width and firmness
  • Seating offers built-in risers to easily and economically accommodate two rows

Designer Component Cabinets.

  • High-end features and sophisticated looks available in many finishes
  • Cabinets can also be custom-built to specifications

Equipment Racks.

  • Equipment racks are very popular for whole-house systems or theater rooms
  • These can be lockable and can have a fan system for proper ventilation
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