Networking & Cell Boosters

Networking & Cell Boosters.

The home network today encompasses the office, home, outdoors and more. As such, top-grade cybersecurity protection, networks and cell boosters are more important than ever. We can provide for and protect your world and family with our enterprise-grade solutions. We design your system with sophisticated networks so that you're always on, stable and secure.



Today’s homeowners rely on robust home networks for data, video, access to home entertainment and one touch controls. These networks are increasingly being integrated with television systems, picture distribution, home-office, remote work/learning VPN connections and for many other uses.

  • Systems today offer a high degree of security, powerful, high-speed access points for Wi-Fi and embedded software that allows remote troubleshooting of most devices connected to your network
  • Many of our home installations now include a guest network for temporary users to maintain a level of security
  • Services we offer include basic home router installation, automated backup systems, and even enterprise class networking for large homes and high security situations
Cell Phone Boosters

Cell Phone Boosters.

Do you have to go to a certain room in your house, or even out in your driveway, to use your cell phone effectively? Sometimes we don’t even realize there are signal blocking materials in our home’s walls, especially in older homes. If this is a challenge for you, we have a solution.

  • The first step would be to conduct a site survey to determine how strong the signal is at your home
  • Then, we typically install an antenna and access points throughout the house, which allows you to use your cell phone comfortably from any room in the home
  • A small investment and a quick, easy fix that can make working or learning remotely much more efficient