Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance.

There are several reasons for home security and surveillance, especially now that technology has advanced to make systems simple, portable and affordable. Top reasons our clients decide they need home security include the following.

  • Protect homes from break-ins.
    Statistics of homes being burglarized with visible security systems reduce drastically, according to FBI data
  • Added benefit of fire protection.
    About every 20 seconds a fire is reported, and a security system can provide early detection as well as heat sensors
  • Lower homeowner’s insurance premiums.
    Most insurance carriers offer large discounts to homeowners with security systems installed, which can offset the initial investment over a period of just a few years
  • Remotely monitor with indoor/outdoor cameras.
    With the ability to view cameras from a smartphone or tablet, homeowners with security systems have great peace of mind when traveling or even when away for a few hours
  • Promote home automation.
    In addition to controlling the cameras, security systems are so advanced now the same tools can operate thermostats, lighting, shades, televisions, garage doors, home audio, etc.
Security & Surveillance
Security & Surveillance
Security & Surveillance
Security & Surveillance