All the Thunder of the Theater Experience is Yours

All the Thunder of the Theater Experience is Yours With a Barney’s Home Cinema.

Make it a perfect picture.

Dedicated cinematic-quality home theaters are designed specifically for immersing you and yours into the total effects of movies, favorite shows, video gaming and more. You get the picture. You and your family settle into real theater seats that lean back with cup holders and complete comfort. Lights automatically dim and your favorite film is first up. But you’re not out at the cinema, you’re right at home! And the picture is more brilliant than anything you have ever seen.

Barney Miller’s Partners with Sony for Stunning Theaters.  

Thanks to our experienced team, you can revel in the most beautiful theater at home with a world-class, high-definition theater projector or 4K HDR TV that offers absolutely stunning colors, brightness, contrast, and rich details to bring your favorite films to life. We are a premier partner with Sony, an unquestioned leader in home entertainment. This means we can deliver all the magic of the most modern cinemas to any room or space, from basic up to the most elaborate – and everything in between. For example, take Sony’s BRAVIA XR 4K HDR full array LED TV. With this product, you can enjoy a truly jaw-dropping entertainment experience. Precise 4K picture quality brings deep, natural, and realistic elements to everything you watch.

Processing Power Like No Other.

Sony’s awesome TV processing understands how humans see and hear, so visuals and sound are taken to a whole new level with rich audio, amazing contrast and simply beautiful colors. And we can select and design the perfect Sony system, with processing power, to fit your exact space and vision.

Add Some Serious Sound.

No home theater should be without the powerful, heart-pounding sound to elicit the full range of emotion. To experience the intentions of the director, you must hear every audio effect for realism when you watch movies. To that end, we can also advance your cinema experience with incredible sounding speakers that are hidden and / or floor-standing, and subwoofers with bass that envelopes you from everywhere. Watching sports? You’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the field hearing every nuance and game call made!


Blogger: Cat Toomey, CATalyzing Communications
Photos: Sony