Entertainment Everywhere.

Home Entertainment goes beyond the capabilities of home theater, to include high performance home audio, the latest in 8K television technology and even video projection. At Barney Miller’s, we know the right equipment makes the magic happen, and we have a recently updated showroom full of options.

Music & Audio

Music & Audio.

Music isn’t merely listened to through a high performance audio system, it is experienced. Details you’ve never heard before are revealed and instruments sound so real, they seem present in the room.

  • High performance is the name of Barney Miller’s audio game
  • Big or small – digital or analog – quality audio is available to everyone
  • Music is much more accessible than ever before
TV’s & Video Projectors

TV’s & Video Projectors.

TV display technology continues to evolve. Flat panels range in size from very small to 100” LED (Light Emitting Diode) back-lit LCD’s are the most popular technology today. OLED (Organ Light Emitting Diode) is an emerging technology with better viewing angles and contrast.

  • TV display technology is constantly evolving – visit our updated showroom to see the latest in TV technology
  • Variety of sizes available to fit any room or space requirements
  • We carry the best brands, including Samsung and Sony

Music Inside and Outside.

Music can also be enjoyed in any room, even outdoors. Systems can be installed for multi-room sound or a more dedicated, smaller area for even higher quality sound.

  • Outdoor audio makes entertaining possible nearly year round
  • Control your sound with hand-held remotes, tablets even touchscreens
  • All the best brands, such as Sonos, Coastal Source, and Paradigm
TV’s & Video Projectors

Theater Right At Home.

Let the experts at Barney Miller’s help you create your own cinema experience in the comfort of your home. Quality has gone up and prices have come down, to make this an affordable option for almost any budget.

  • Screens and projectors are customized based on room size for a clean, sleek look
  • Available in rear projection as well
  • Some models, coupled with a proper screen, can be viewed even in fairly bright rooms now