Barney’s Best Brands – Heos

Barney’s Best Brands – Heos.

HEOS, a brand by Denon, is a company that specializes in audio technology and solutions. Their mission revolves around enhancing the audio experience for consumers by providing innovative and high-quality audio products and solutions. HEOS primarily focuses on creating multi-room audio systems, wireless speakers, and audio components that seamlessly integrate into the modern home environment.

HEOS understands the importance of music and audio in people's lives, aiming to make it easier for consumers to enjoy their favorite tunes in any room of their homes. Their purpose is to offer cutting-edge technology that enables users to connect, stream, and control their music effortlessly. Whether it's through their wireless speakers, AV receivers, or soundbars, HEOS aims to deliver exceptional sound quality and flexibility, allowing users to customize their audio experience to suit their preferences.

In a world where convenience and quality are paramount, HEOS strives to provide consumers with the means to create immersive audio environments that enhance entertainment, relaxation, and everyday living. With a commitment to innovation and a dedication to audio excellence, HEOS is dedicated to enriching the lives of music enthusiasts and audio aficionados alike.


The new HEOS® app is thoughtfully updated with a modernized user interface, optimized navigation, and newly added global search.