Big Screens, Flatscreens and Projectors – Oh My! How do I Choose?

Big Screens, Flatscreens and Projectors – Oh My!

Big Screens, Flatscreens and Projectors – Oh My!

How do I Choose?

Most everyone today has a TV. In fact, the average US home now has 2.6 TVs. But if you’re in the market for a new one, or are thinking about adding a home theater, you may be wondering how to choose with so many great options. 4K OLED, 8K or video projector, where do you start? The best method is to consult with an experienced home entertainment technology team that’s up on the latest video technology and installs these systems every day. At Barney Miller’s, we’ve been helping customers find and select the perfect TV for as long as TVs have been around! From mechanical and tube TVs to today’s 8K displays, we are passionate about video and would love to help you.

Today’s TV sizes and technology.

TVs have dramatically grown in size, gotten thinner and more brilliant. So, if you’re in the market, you have some awesome options. In 2021 the average LCD TV screen size is expected to eclipse 50 inches. Many top TV brands now offer 85” TVs with the latest in technology and finest definition we’ve seen. The world’s biggest TV maker is Samsung, who offers a modular, build-it-as-big-as-you-want MicroLED technology. Called “The Wall” this can be configured up to 292 inches, which is over 24 feet! Now let’s get back to your home. There are stunning TVs that are about as thin as paper and can turn into your favorite art when not in use. Really, deciding mostly depends upon your room size, application and budget. And, if you’re thinking outdoors, there are superior weatherproof TVs that look as brilliant in the sun as they do in the shade – and can withstand harsh winters.

Why a TV versus a Video Projector?

If you have a larger room or are interested in a dedicated home theater, you might consider projection technology which delivers an incredible picture with plenty of light and high impact. There are ceiling projectors and those called Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors, which can eliminate cutting ceilings and walls and be placed on or inside a cabinet for a seamless designer look. If your room is large and you want that life-size image of your favorite sports figure, a projector may be the way to go. At Barney’s we have access to the best and brightest brands and the widest selection. If considering home theater, let us bring you the entire cinematic experience, by coupling premium video with incredible sound, acoustical treatments, custom theater seats and controls via a smart remote. Press a button and the lights dim, the screen fires up and you are engulfed in sound – just as the director intended.

Speaking of controls, what’s the latest for TVs and theaters?   

Our clients like their flatscreens even more when they’re part of a complete entertainment system. Today you can bring theater-quality viewing to your living or media room thanks to 8K TVs because their resolution is nearly like a cinema screen.

At Barney Millers, we can integrate all your systems – TVs and much more – into easy-to-use touch controls. Choose from handy mobile apps that work throughout the entire house and outdoors, to simple remotes for each room. Want the latest in high power, performance and elegance? We can personalize and install brilliant touch screens that put everything right in hand and at your command. Smart entertainment and smart home technologies are better, faster and our area of expertise. Brilliant!

Decisions, decisions.

So back to the decision. Based on your home, space and lifestyle, we can present you with a few ideal options. In the end, the decision comes down to the room size and how you’ll use it. We welcome the opportunity to consider your needs and deliver the absolute best option that will bring your family years of excitement and enjoyment. Let’s bring the big screen to your daily life!

How can I see some of the latest video options?

We welcome either a virtual or in person discussion to hear about your video interests. As a long-time, family-run operation, nobody brings more passion and knowledge to your home audio and video entertainment like our team. It’s easy to contact us to meet with our experienced team here on our website here or by calling.

We live and breathe technology, and we believe that the advice, service and ongoing support is what sets us apart from any other integration company. And we hope to meet you soon.

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