Let’s talk Luxury. Shades that is!

Let’s talk Luxury. Shades that is!

Let’s talk Luxury.

Shades that is!

Shades glorious shades. If you are planning to outfit your new home with a designer’s flair, or upgrade your existing home and decor, chances are, you’ve thought about shades. Shades not only complete a room, but they can also provide energy savings, protect your valuable furniture and art, and change the mood or dynamic of a room depending upon if they are opened, closed or somewhere in between. But what about motorized shades? Oh yes, the ones that are offered in a few color options and materials? Nope. Those days are over!

Enter Crestron designer shades.

Crestron, known for the finest in whole-house control, also offers beautiful, luxurious motorized shades and drapery systems to transform any space. And these come in a huge variety of stunning designer fabrics, elegant hardware, and world-class technology so you can get the perfect shading solution for your home. We even offer Crestron’s color match services for shades. And that’s not all. You also get the smartest shades on the planet.

Enter Crestron designer shades.

Smarter shades, smart idea for every home.

Crestron shades and draperies not only offer range and beauty – they come with all the smarts. At Barneys, we can integrate your shades with other systems in your home with touch controls from the device you like best. Imagine being able to press a button on your smart phone and have all your shades open in the morning and the lights slowly rise. Or your guests just arrived, and you forgot to drop the shades to set the party mood. No more running from room to room, it is all on that stylish wall keypad ready for your touch. You know, the one that matches your kitchen perfectly and has simple open, close, 50% and “party time” labeled just for you. Precision-controlled motorized window treatments for every room and home. That’s what we do at Barney Millers. We bring the things that mean the most to you together in a way that’s intuitive and matches your aesthetic.

Why is Crestron the best option?

At Barney Millers we carefully select the absolute best technology brands and partners so that we ensure you get great design, lasting solutions and a company that will stand behind its products for us. Crestron not only offers an amazing array shades and of smart home controls for a total solution, but they offer a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your beautiful shades work flawlessly for as long as you own your home. We always seek excellence in our product offerings so we can exceed your expectations with our personally-designed and integrated home – or office – system.

Go a little greener and save a little green.

While these shading systems are both beautiful and convenient, they bring many other big benefits such as energy efficiency. We automate shades to raise and lower at set times of day or seasons of the year, which brings automatic energy savings, and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Things you may not even think about today that can save you money tomorrow. We won’t even go into all the protection these bring to your furniture and artwork by eliminating UV at the ideal peak points of the day!

A fit for even the wildest of windows.

Our smart home shading solutions can be custom fit perfectly to most any window. They range in sizes small to massive and have a variety of world-class options and details such as roller shades, UV protection and robust rails to keep shades nice and minimize gaps or wrinkles. Because we’re in the business of custom, even skylights and angled windows can be custom fit and made easily controlled from wherever you are.

How can I learn more about your shade offerings?

If you would like to learn about motorized shades and options, give our team at Barney Miller’s a call or send an email and simply mention our personalized Crestron shade solutions. We are happy to work with you or your designer on color and style choice, options and more. We will show you the range that is possible and this superior technology that makes it move so smoothly.

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Blogger: Cat Toomey, CATalyzing Communications
Photos: Crestron Electronics